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One of my favorite bloggers, Bob Lefsetz, was noting a YouTube posting that has had over 14 MILLION views — a video from handheld camera shooting a wedding couple’s entrance to their ceremony. Now…stop and think about that for a second. Hollywood spends literally BILLIONS of dollars to try to get people to watch their programming. Yet, this little wedding video has had almost DOUBLE the viewers that legendary program “CSI” got last week! Now, there are lots of reasons we could suggest — however, I feel pretty strongly about one: The video is sheer joy. If you can watch this — set to Chris Brown’s song, “Forever” — and not smile profusely…and maybe even get a little tear in your eye from the beauty of this…then we have little in common. I think this is just fabulous! If we could make the people who work with us…and do business with us…feel a fraction of the joy that... (more)

The Primacy of Civility…

For the past two days, I’ve been in a conference room in Phoenix — which, all in all, was better than being outside in 114 degree heat — as an incoming member of the Board of Directors of the National Speakers Association. And, while what goes on in the meetings is restricted from public consumption, as is the proper procedure, there is a singularly important aspect to the meeting I’m compelled to share. Particularly as it regarded one issue that was potentially highly sensitive, I was incredibly impressed with the respect and civility the members shared toward one another. The... (more)

A New Type of Software . . .

Here’s an idea for a new type of software… You plug in all of the information about your family — birthdays, anniversaries, names of your kid’s teachers, likes and dislikes of each member of your clan — hit “Save” and let the software do the rest. You also can get a virtual assistant in India who will be notified by the software when a birthday comes around, and he or she will take care of obtaining and delivering the gift. Don’t worry about your spouse — this program will make certain he or she feels totally loved and desired. The software can be programmed to do periodic follow ... (more)

An Apology That Doesn’t Say “I’m Sorry”…

(By the way, this post is NOT meant as legal advice…this is a professional, business recommendation. That’s my field of expertise, not the law. However, my personal experience is that if you do what’s right for customers, you end up with a lot fewer legal problems, anyway.) PepsiCo’s iPhone app for AMP Energy drink features 24 types of women, according to news reports, including “nerd”, “foreign exchange student” and “treehugger”, and offered possible pickup lines including “Wasn’t I in Space Academy with you?” and “You know the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. I wonder what else she ... (more)

Trapped in traditional thought…

We’ve often discussed how it is easy to become trapped by outdated thinking modes…let’s point out yet another. If you wanted to purchase a thirty-second spot on the nation’s number-one television show, “NCIS,” you would have to pay $133,304. However, if you wanted the same commercial on “Grey’s Anatomy” — which has four million fewer viewers on a weekly average — the price would be $240,462! Why would you spend over $100,000 more to reach 4,000,000 fewer people? The outdated thinking that younger customers are better prospects. Advertisers — or, more specifically, usually the ad ag... (more)