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Consumer Electronics on Ulitzer I’m in Scottsdale, Arizona…and thought it might be interesting to visit the new Windows Store in Fashion Square Mall. Here’s the picture I took…with my iPhone…from the front of the store… Notice anything? I’ll bet you do! If the logo on the front was absent, you would think you were walking by an Apple Store! Sure, there are some cosmetic differences…however, it is SO blatantly derivative of the competition, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Look, I’m an Apple guy…in the interest of full disclosure…I’m typing this on my MacBook Pro from the Phoenix Airport. However, what is SO discouraging about the Windows Store is that the attempt to copy the competitor is so painfully obvious, it makes you wonder who in the world is making these decisions in Redmond. As I emphasize in “Collapse of Distinction,” the first destroyer of differentiation is... (more)

Google Voice

Quick note from my iPhone — my friend (and my wife’s high school classmate) Kevin Mullet told me over the weekend that he had just been approved for Google Voice. I was SO jealous! If you haven’t explored what it will do — you need to take a look, and apply, right away! (Check it out here! Google GIVES you a phone number FREE! Then, you program in your existing numbers. When someone calls your Google number, it rings ALL your phones. You’ll only need one number again…ever. And, it doesn’t matter if your home or cell or office numbers change. The Google Voice number will always ... (more)

Who Receives the “Ultimate Customer Experience”?

At 6:38pm on Wednesday evening — over an hour and a half after our office has closed for the day — a person in the speaking business calls my toll-free number, and leaves a message. Our system is set up so that voice mails are forwarded to our cell phones at all times. We want to be totally responsive to customers — and sometimes, their messages can’t wait. Because I’m traveling from Memphis to New York City, I’m out of pocket and don’t receive the notification until about 9pm. Now, here’s the rub: This guy is calling to ask for my advice and a favor. He wants my input, and fro... (more)

What is Acceptable?

I’m off to Boston today — with a speech tomorrow to one of my all-time favorite clients, Harvard Pilgrim, the best health insurance company in the nation. (Not just my feelings — J.D. Power agrees!) So…as I’m doing some reading this morning, I stumbled across this item, buried on a website for Apple fanatics, It seems as though a customer of Apple’s went into the SoHo store in New York City complaining about his iPhone. The problem was, according to the customer, the phone dropped a significant number of calls. All of us know the frustration of dropped calls. Eithe... (more)

Remember the Bruce Springsteen song “Glory Days”?

Remember the Bruce Springsteen song, “Glory Days”? “Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory of, well time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but boring stories of glory days… Glory days…well they’ll pass you by Glory days…in the wink of a young girl’s eye Glory days, glory days…” (You can hear it in your head right now, can’t you?) My favorite blogger, Bob Lefsetz, writes about the entertainment industry, and he had a great line in a post yesterday: “The glory days of the music business are history. They’ll only return when the glory days of mu... (more)